Josh and Randa, Kevin and Stacy

Today we didn’t do much but sit around the house as usual. Josh and Miranda came by to see us and the kids. Every time they come the kids talk about it for a week. They were here most of the afternoon terrorizing the kids and being terrorized by the kids. It’s nice to actually have some friends come by and just talk for awhile.

After dinner I got the joy of helping Emily color her hair a bit. She decided she needed blonde streaks. I didn’t get it, and have no clue what I’m doing but she decided that I had to help. Wound up running out of the “bleach solution” or whatever it is that changes the color. It wound up okay, but I think she’s just going to go totally blonde tomorrow. We shall see.

Late this evening Kevin and Stacy came by for a visit. We just sat outside and talked. I really like Stacy now that she’s been around a bit and talked. Before she was always very quiet and stand-offish. Now that she’s been around a bit she’s actually spoken up and is pretty fun.