Memorial/moving day

Today Rob and I finished moving all of my sister’s stuff to her new house. It was only 95 degrees or so again today. We were sweating like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately we got it all in 2 trips.

Once that was completed, we each went home and showered. Then we took my grill to Jennifer’s, I cooked, and everyone ate. The food turned out quite well, despite a flare-up that could’ve burnt everything. Luckily Emily saw it and advised me to rescue the food.

After dinner I set off some bottle rockets at Erich’s request. Then I grabbed one of the fountains to finish. One word of advice – do NOT set one of the fountains with shooting balls off on a non-flat surface. I made that error and the balls shot everywhere. One actually came within 2 feet of nailing Emily. Not something that would have been good for anyone.

Today’s bit of wisdom: Always exercise caution around something that can either blow or burn your hand off.