Zoo aftermath

We patrolled the zoo for 6 hours. It was an adventure. By the end of the day the kids and Mom and Dad were wiped. By the time we got back home Em and I agreed that we were not going to cook, so we didn’t. Fazoli’s provided nourishment for the evening.

I think everyone had fun. The kids saw elephants, zebras, tigers, giraffes, and many many more creatures that I can’t even recall. Just ask them though, and they’ll spout off a seemingly endless stream of animals. Personally, I was fond of the otters that would dive into the water, swim to the glass, and then do a backflip underwater. I don’t know if someone taught them to do it or what, but they kept doing it to the amazement of everyone watching.

Emily ran out of space to save the pictures. Who knew that was possible on a digital camera? Hopefully they will be posted soon in the Pictures section.

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