A night out

Emily and I finally got to go out for an evening. Mom came over and watched the kids while we went to dinner with Jami and Danny. Emily and Jami had fun clucking like a couple of hens. I swear the two could talk for days and not be tired of talking. Danny and I played some darts after dinner while the girls talked.

The 9th Street Grill disappointed me on the ribeye. Last time we were there I had the fillet and it was wonderful. I guess everything can’t be perfect. Everyone else loved their food. The desserts are all made daily and the girls swear they are the best ever. Maybe I’ll have to try them sometime.

Most importantly Emily had a good time. I love that she’s happy. And I’ll admit I think Jami’s really fun. She’s great to hang out with. I wish JC and Monica could’ve come too, but I know how hard it is to get a babysitter. Maybe sometime soon.