Scarecrow or Michael Myers

I’m debating which I should use in the Jaycees’ haunted house this year. Either one is completely possible and simple, but which should I attempt to pull off? Maybe I’ll decide before we actually open – I think I have the time.

Work is creeping along. I wonder daily what is going on overall. Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows. Thesedays it seems as if everyone is just trudging along scared and wondering what the future will (or won’t) bring. These corporate takeovers are not only bad for small towns and businesses, they wreak havoc on all the families’ lives that they destroy. Soon enough there will be no small businesses left.

Wonderfully enough, you can already track the roots of most businesses to 4 or so corporations. Go to Wikipedia and look at what businesses own each other. It’s quite staggering to see that so much power is posessed by so few. And people wonder why such a small percentage of rich people control everything.

If you sat on 3 of the 4 boards of these companies and had your homies running the lesser companies, how far would the wealth fall? Not very. Hence the richest 3% of the country stays in charge and we stay poor or middle-class at best. It’s a bunch of shit, and I think the general public is going to reach a boiling point very soon.

That’s probably why the current administration erodes our rights to privacy and free speech in the name of terrorism. Gotta keep the serfs in check, just like the monarchy did back in mother England. If you keep the “lessers” under constant surveillance, you can monitor their every move.

I’m not saying that it’s Bush’s fault, it started way before him, but he’s current, so he’s who I’ll pick on the most. WTF is the Patriot Act renewal all about? Congress and the administration have had plenty of time to draft legislation that isn’t so broad and sweeping. There are more civil rights taken away by that single piece of crap than by any other BS law that has been passed in a long time.

End Rant, for now.