No mayor, but the fireworks were fun

The mayor did show at the Jaycees’ meeting, but was an hour early. Also he related that he didn’t know what he was supposed to speak about. So he talked to the guys who were there early and then bailed before I showed up. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll get to chat with him about my concerns.

Last night Emily, the kids, and I went to the annual Hiltibidal picnic. John outdid himself again this year with the awesome fireworks display. I think he even got hired to do the Centralia city display. It amazes me that even though he is a guy who only does this type of thing once a year, his show gets such recognition that people want to hire him to do more.

Every year he keeps making the show better and better. I have no doubts that his show was better than the Mount Vernon city one will be. Mount Vernon’s show usually lasts 1/2 an hour at best, and John had at least 45 minutes of quality fireworks. There were ground displays, rapid shell deployments (missle-style), and of course many, many different standard shells of all shapes and sizes.

Great show John, and we look forward to it next year.