Can you tell I’m excited? I have an interview at a local company soon. They just called and asked me to come in within a couple of days. I love playing (working) on PC’s and that’s the direction of this job.

From talking to the lady who called me, I believe I’m easily qualified. It sounds like I’ll be the apprentice to the main IT guy/people, and that’s what I am looking for in my next position. I want to learn more and eventually become the “grand wizard” of IT somewhere.

The initial excitement is wearing off now, and I’m realizing that when I get this position, I’ll be leaving all of my co-workers and moving into a new place that I won’t know. That makes me sad because these ladies have been around me for over four years. I know all of them pretty well, and a lot of their families too. Unfortunately, we will all be leaving by our own means or when Alltel dissolves this office. Perhaps I’ll just be going sooner.

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