Every year…

Every year I help with the Jaycees’ Shopping Spree, and every year I almost cry. I can’t believe that there are so many KIDS that don’t have much/anything.

It is wonderful to see their smiling faces though when you introduce yourself and smile, then race off to the toy aisle. I had to keep reminding the kids that it was all about them. They would look back at me and ask what they should get. I had to keep replying “Whatever you want. It’s all about you.”

Right at the end last night we had 3 kids who we didn’t know were coming show. There were a couple of guys and I still around so we introduced ourselves and went off. I got paired with Amaiyah. Weird. She had the same name as my daughter, different spelling though. Then we took off and she went straight to the dolls. She picked out a new doll and a change of clothes. Then we went around the corner and she grabbed a toy phone.

Then she said she was done. I asked her if she was sure, and she said yes. She was ready to go. So we went to the checkout and I talked her into a bag of candy as well. They were those little gummy-worms. Once we checked out and she was getting ready to head out with her case worker, she turned, smiled and said “Thank you.”

Now I’m crying as I write this down. Maybe I’m just a weenie. Maybe it’s because she shared my daughter’s name and looked to be about the same age. You just can’t replace that feeling of making a kid’s night.