Warning: PayPal will suspend your account at their will

I waited on launch day for a PlayStation 3 as you would know if you read my blog. It took two weeks for WM to get stock to sell to me as I was seventh in line and they only received four.

Well, I got the call my PS3 was in, bought it, and then placed it on eBay to sell. A week went by and my PlayStation sold for roughly what I had invested in the ordeal. The buyer paid promptly, and I packaged the system and weighed it here at work on the digital scales.

I then came back early on my lunch to print postage and ship out the PS3. Then I got angry.

PayPal has frozen my account. Apparently everyone who has sold or will sell a PS3 has or will have their account frozen. That is what the PayPal representative told me on the phone. Oh, and Wii sellers will have their’s frozen too.

Not only can I not touch my money that was in the account BEFORE this transaction, I will not be able to touch money from a current auction that ends today. I am out shipping from my own pocket as I cannot even print a shipping label from eBay as that runs through PayPal as well.

I was polite when I called, did not raise my voice, and the girl “checked” if she could unlock the account so that I could print shipping, but came back with a no.

Well, this was/is my horrid experience with PP playing God. They randomly suspend accounts due to sales of items as they whimsy. I don’t recall that being in the TOS, but whatever.

As soon as this fiasco is finished, I will promptly close my PP account and begin using my Google Checkout account. I know PP will probably not care, but it’s my choice. Unfortunately, this money was to pay for various holiday purchases. Guess that won’t happen now.

Thank you PayPal so MUCH!