Everyone sounds the same

I have noticed that all of the politicians in this city sound the same. Everyone wants to bring jobs to the city and call me negative and say there are no cliques in the area.

I beg to differ. I am not negative, I just want to be honest and real with the public. If I’m negative because I say that there are no jobs worth having in this city, so be it. There aren’t any. You can only beat a dog so many times before he bites you. That’s what I view my opinion as in this case. The people “in charge” of leading this city down a prosperous road have failed so many times it’s like they are just beating down us average people.

I believe the residents have had enough and are finally ready for a change in leadership. I know that I am. Even if I don’t get elected, perhaps whomever does will actually do something positive.

There has to be change to the way things are running right now. It obviously is not working. We are at the hub of two major interstates, have easy rail access, water is bountiful from Rend Lake, and the airport is competent. Why have we not grown exponentially?

So yeah, we all want to bring businesses to town, but will anyone do it or just keep things how they are?