Taxes? They will stay the same. Well, maybe not…

He said if the Jefferson County Board allows its quarter-percent sales tax to expire as planned in 2008, the city would like to impose another quarter-percent sales tax to take its place.

“However, if the county board continues that tax, the city would like to impose a 2-cent fuel tax,” Hollmann said. “Both would bring in about $800,000 a year.”

The 2-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline and diesel would generate about $800,912 per year, according to estimates from Hollmann.

While the city has actual revenue data from a 2002-03 gasoline tax previously implemented, it’s unsure how much income a tax on diesel fuel would actually generate.

“Diesel fuel is a little tougher,” Hollmann said at the last meeting. “No one at the state level keeps track of diesel fuel by the gallon by retail outlets.”

So, in other words, they are guessing at how much income the petrol tax would generate. They are guessing at the dropping of the county tax. How can we support something based on pure guesswork? Don’t get me wrong, I think we need a new MVTHS, and I trust Merle’s guesswork more than most, but it’s still guesswork.

This is why I spend money online or out of town, unless I can support a local business owner. Our city has a tax rate that is on-par with Chicago suburbs and other LARGE areas, but none of the high-paying jobs to support it. We are being taxed to death and now our city council, school district, and many others are trying to increase Mount Vernon’s load.

What percentage of Mount Vernonites work at the two main employers that pay an arguably “living wage”? I am willing to wager the percentage is not as high as some would presume. Many people at the Walgreens DC drive from as far away as Tamaroa to work here. Positive spin on that is how we can draw from so far away, but the flip is that we now have another slot in a Mount Vernon job that is gone. The Mount Vernonite that could have worked there can now go make minimum wage at one of our fine fast food stops or sell gas at the interstate. Perhaps they will clean hotel rooms instead.

From my point of view, the city is in peril due to the lack of jobs. Not CRAP jobs, but ones that pay enough to try to support yourself with today.