Please understand first that I am not a leftist-liberal. More often than not I disagree with the ACLU and their policies/cases.

Please understand also that I know our country must take its security seriously. In the wake of 9/11 policy and law changes were changed in a large way in a short time.

With those two points cleared, I will now get to the real point of my post – The PATRIOT Act needs to be revisited and rewritten. The original version was written hurriedly after 9/11 to help the government avoid another catastrophe. Good job. The second version of the PATRIOT Act should have been closely studied and re-written, but it was not. Now we have broken legislation that must be examined and re-forged to contain their scope and purpose.

I will link to the ACLU site and their article for your review. The case that they cite is mostly hypothetical, but it shows that the legislation does need its scope reviewed.