Google builds a site in the kuntree – Why not here?

Google has decided to develop a new server farm in a community of North Carolina. Of course, there were massive tax incentives and other concessions given to them, as there are for any new industry these days. My big question is: Why not here?

Mount Vernon and Jefferson County have an ample workforce to staff such an operation. Our area is located right at two major interstates for easy access. Our water supplies are abundant (thank you, Rend Lake). Finally, we have fiber connections very near and probably under our feet.

Could, should, and would our government pursue an opportunity for a “clean” industry that would mean jobs, construction, and possibly draw in other knowledge-industry?

I personally believe that they could and SHOULD make every attempt to have this type of industry here, but I wonder if they would. Fortunately, I am just providing speculation and I want to believe that our city is pursuing real employment and growth for our community and the surrounding area. Everyone living here knows that we need more to sustain ourselves than hotels, restaurant chains, gas stations, pawn shops, banks, and instant-credit/loan-shops. Unfortunately we have no word of anything else coming any time soon.

Yaaaaay, we’re getting a new interchange and some “big-box” stores to sell stuff. Unfortunately, no one will be able to afford to shop anywhere but Wal-Mart with our pitiful employment situation.