Holy craters, Batman!

Well, my post from yesterday was correct. The city did re-pour some concrete on Veteran’s/42nd street. It’s kind of nice to see some maintenance being done around a project.

Now, if we could just get the other two street-wide craters fixed on the 42nd street side, that corner would be back to its wonderful previous glory.

I wonder if there is a planning committee or study in place to get the widening of Veterans and 42nd street. With a planned new high school, new interstate exchange, hospital, and all sorts of new businesses, this area will need at least two lanes in each direction with a turn-lane just like Broadway has currently.

I certainly hope that our city’s leaders are planning ahead and don’t wait until businesses, sidewalks, new power poles, and traffic congestion matters are already present before starting/planning the expansion. The area is still mostly farmland and could easily be modified at the current time by removing the present curbs and pouring an extra lane or two, but I have yet to see a plan or even a hint of planning on this matter.

If this section of town is planned ahead and laid out properly, the city can avoid many of the issues caused by the rapid expansion due to occur. However, I was told by the mayor when I asked back in January that I was “…talking about 7-10 years down the road.” I will stake my $1 that within 5 years there will be enormous traffic issues and poor street design if we don’t start now.