Slow week

This is a post about nothing. Hate to leave my 2 readers with nothing new. Monday was just Monday, and yesterday I woke up with horrible allergies.

Em got the brilliant idea to open some windows with the warmer weather. That was a great idea – get some fresh air, smell the spring. Unfortunately, she left a couple open overnight and I woke up snotty and congested. Thank God for Claritin. I popped one and was feeling better in the afternoon.

Later in the day Em picked up some shirts for herself and I at Goody’s. Nothing exciting, but shirts have to be replaced sometime.

OMG, I just remembered something else she got. Shorts. Not just any shorts, but UGLY shorts. These things look like they could have been worn to a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince concert back in the eighties. They are horrible! I promise to get photos and post them, but rest assured that I will NOT be going out in public with her if they are on.