Dark Brown

Who would think that such a simple color could cause so much needless press coverage. Apparently some translation program incorrectly translated “dark brown” to “nigger brown”. It was just a mistake made by a computer program. There was no malice or racism by any person, just something lost in translation.

Unfortunately, the woman who purchased the sofa now says she demands reparations. How retarded is that? A simple translation that was done innocently, and she thinks she is owed money. Why is she owed money? Because she read the tag?

Just because I buy a car and it says “cracker white” under the trunk lid does not mean I’m going to get paid by Hyundai. This is, in my opinion, just another case of “I’m the victim, pay me” syndrome. Kind of like the twit who spilled hot coffee on her lap and then sued McDonald’s because it was hot. I bet if she hadn’t spilled it and it wasn’t hot, she would have run back to that same McDonald’s and complained.

The same logic applies here. Just because the furniture store sold a sofa, does not make it responsible for a tag with a racial slur. Heck, no one is liable for this instance. Unless you count the translation-software company, and I doubt they can be sued for how others use their technology (see how the MPAA tried to squash VCRs when they first appeared).

Shouldn’t we realize that this was another funny translation mistake, laugh, and move on? People are so lazy, they would rather sue than actually work for their money. And we wonder why the US is bankrupt.