Don’t speak out against the government, whatever you do…

Wikipedia has a nice piece in their article about the 2006 Military Commissions Act. Now, I know that Wikipedia is not guaranteed to be factual or 100% correct, but you only need to review the Act to check these facts.

Be warned that if you donate money to a charity that may somehow be even remotely connected to an organization the US government doesn’t like, you can be termed an enemy combatant. Don’t speak out against the government or organize a protest, that can get you unlawfully held prisoner as well.

I understand as well as the next person that our government needs decent latitude to apprehend, imprison, and question criminals. Unfortunately, this Act effectively lets the government imprison US citizens illegally. There is no recourse to this kidnapping but hoping that the Secretary at the time decides you should be freed.

Didn’t there used to exist this thing called “habeas corpus”? Weren’t we a free country at one time?

Apparently we are still, as long as you don’t oppose the government or cross them in some way. Do that, and they will lock you up whenever and however they choose. Is any of this sounding like the former USSR or current China? Ever read the book 1984?