Imus is an idiot, but it is not his fault

By now I’m sure everyone has heard about this dip’s comments regarding “nappy headed hos”. If you haven’t, do a quick search and you will read more than you ever wanted to know. The man could have not seriously thought there would be no uprising from this comment. Granted, I haven’t heard the whole comment, so I’m speaking about it out of context.

Compare what Imus said to what any hip-hop/rap album has on it. Go ahead, look up the lyrics. I’ll wait…

Yeah, he didn’t say much compared to that, did he?

In the world today you cannot say anything that might possibly offend anyone. Unless you are a minority. I cannot use the term n*gga, but any black man walking down the street can call me a “cracker” for no reason and it is just fine. The people who observe this unwritten rule have obviously never heard of the term “double-standard”, which definitely applies here.

The human race needs to learn that words only have power if you let them have power. Personally, I frequently answer the phone “Whaddap, nigga?” Granted, I only do that when it is a close friend, but I still use it. The word has become synonymous with “friend” as it is commonly used in hip-hop/rap culture. I use it that way.

People need to get over their pent-up labels of racism and race. We’re all people, good or bad, tan or pale, fat or thin, etc. I’m a kraut and proud of it. My family originated in Germany. I don’t go around calling myself German-American. When was the last time any African-American was in Africa? Probably never. More ignorance from the politically correct junkies to keep us fighting amongst ourselves instead of working together.

Can’t we all just get along?