Raceway blues

Well, it looks like we will have to endure another summer of noise from the raceway. The track is at least 10 miles from my home, but is loud enough to pollute my neighborhood with its noise. I do pity anyone trying to sleep at the hotels which are perhaps a mile due-north of the track. Could you imagine staying at a hotel while on vacation with your family at a nice little interstate town and not getting to bed until midnight thanks to the incessant roaring? Personally, I would demand a refund, checkout, and cross that town off my list of ever again visiting.

The track is an attraction, it does bring in some money at gas stations and food chains, but is that really worth the hatred of an entire city? I wouldn’t think so, but apparently the owners do feel it is worth the annoyance.

In a town with so little else to do, some can find entertainment with the racing. I even enjoy watching a good race from time to time. What I do not enjoy is the noise pollution that the entire town has to deal with even if they do not want to watch the race.

The track does not need to be closed, in my opinion. However, there do need to be sound barriers installed. To my knowledge, at this time there are no such barriers erected. Don’t close the track and lose an attraction, but reduce the noise pollution to a bearable level. Most items I have read echo the sentiment that the track is not bad, but the noise is not worth the hassle.

The simple solution is to erect some noise barriers. The racetrack stays open, we keep an attraction, and the noise level is reduced in consideration of the whole city.