The blog, she lives! (Google’s page rank is funny)

Well, I’m still amazed at how many unique hits I’m getting on here. We’re up to 735+ unique visitors this month, and it is barely half over. Over 700 stayed longer than a minute (the others were probably spam-bots or got here by accident).

Unfortunately, not too many people are using the RSS feeds to subscribe. Just so you know, I would really appreciate it if you did. I count those as real readers since I can be sure that they are reading at least a little.

Something I do find really cool is that over 45% of the people who visit my site are using Firefox, and about 20% are using Internet Explorer. I guess a lot of you are more “tech-savvy” and go out and get your own browser. Maybe the others like the changes in IE7, who knows. Not too many Opera users ~7%.

The main reason I wanted to make this post is that Google has me as the top 2 results when searching for “mvths on the move” at the time I write this article. Go to Google and check, I’ll wait. See? It is odd that they don’t have the site with the same name made by the committee as the first result. At least to me it seems odd. Now, go do a search for “dan voyles”. I come up third. I don’t get how that happens, but it does.

Guess search engines aren’t the best answer to finding information. However, the top five results will usually get you close to what you need.

I’m going to sit here and chuckle about this for a few more minutes.

UPDATE: I am actually off the front page now in results for “mvths on the move”. Guess I was just there when it mattered – before the vote.

UPDATE 2: I’m now the top result again, and I’m still the third result for my own name.