Another stellar blog month (for me)

1759. That’s how many unique hits I had on my site, not including search engines, in April.

Yeah, if you’ve been around the web long, that’s not really impressive. To me though, I’m kinda proud. Since my blog is not well-known, and probably never will be, that’s a great number. I have noticed some interesting things in the stats for last month:

1. Most of the followed links that come in are from the Register-News forums.
2. The hits that I get are over 1/2 from our local area (using IP lookups).
3. The people that come and look usually come back (judging by IPs again).
4. About 1/2 of my hits are from direct links (bookmarks or typing the address in).
5. Of the Google searches, I am still getting lots of hits from “mvths on the move”.
6. Of the Google searches, most of my hits are for the local blog articles, not the geek ones.
7. Most of my readers (63.3%) use Windows, followed by Linux (28%), and Mac (0.7%).
8. Most of my visitors (38.3%) use Firefox, followed closely by Internet Explorer (27.6%), and Mozilla (9.2%) is third.

Just some worthless facts that I thought I would share with you. Mostly, I’m excited that I appear to have a little readership developed around here. Unfortunately, not too many people are using the comments, but that comes with time I suppose.

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