We’re here, we’re poor, but we need a new school

Just a little post to rant about the backward-ass way this county thinks…

Jefferson County has the highest crime rate south of Interstate 70.

That was a statement from Jefferson County Sheriff Roger Mulch in today’s paper about possible budget cuts as the county is broke.

Less than 30 days ago, a small group of citizens were trying to convince us that we could afford a new high school. How can we afford to pay for a new school when we can’t even afford to keep them safe?

I know that more police does not necessarily equal more safety, cutting officers from a small force is definitely not the answer either.

One of the “FAQ”s on the mvthsonthemove.com site was that the county instituted a small tax to pay for whatever, and the new tax by Mount Vernon City would not be noticed once that tax was gone. Also, they were quick to point out that there was no property tax to pay for the jail.

First, the county can choose to keep their tax in place and renew it. Then the tax just keeps on going. Huh, guess they would just say “It’s not our fault, it’s the county’s fault” when it was renewed AND we had the extra tax to pay for the city’s “donation” and the new property tax.

Second, they state there is no property tax to pay for the jail, but that is to distract you from the current tax that IS paying for the jail that is losing money.

Just a little note about how a select few were trying to push a new high school on the citizens with disinformation and well-spun propaganda.