WordPress 2.2 is nice

I haven’t come across any significant changes that affect me, but it is much snappier I think. The menus and loading of the pages just seem faster to me.

All of my plugins seem to be working just fine. I’m only running 10 or so, but they came right on over with the upgrade and have no issues.

I did have an issue where my Dashboard page wasn’t appearing properly, but thanks to the great support at Total Choice Hosting, it was solved within minutes. Apparently, wp-includes did not overwrite properly. That was causing the Dashboard error.

Thanks to Bruce and Joe over on the forums. If anyone is looking for hosting with great customer service and excellent prices, go check them out. You will not be disappointed. Their great support and helpful attitude are why I keep a link for them on my TLD page. It’s not paid, but they have paid for it with outstanding help.

(I’m expecting my check in the mail, Bruce.)