I’m sorry, you can’t have freedom of the press. It might be inconvenient to the Feds.

Apparently Bush’s administration has problems with all sorts of news/information dissemination (reported on by CNet here). Not only is a vast amount of information missing from their emails and other communication, but there is opposition to a recently proposed law to shield the press in responsible reporting.

The argument I believe they are using is that too much protection is afforded to the press. In REAL national security matters, I agree. There are reasons I could see for the shield to not apply. Fortunately, the constitution framers thought about this when they created this amazing idea of “checks and balances”.

Unfortunately, under the “George-Bush-States-of-America” these systems of balance have been forgotten.  How many signing-statements is W up to these days? How many times has he acted in direct defiance of the very legislation he signs? How well-planned is his withdrawal from Iraq?

Now, I agree that everyone in power gets knocked, and Klinton wasn’t any better with his “Executive Orders”. I just think that W is going waaaaaaaaaaay too far during his presidency.