No luck in Belleville

Oh well. The position I interviewed for on Friday was not offered to me. I just got the “thank you but…” email. I’m not angry, but I am kind of disappointed. It truly was a dream job from my point of view.

Of course, now I’m second-guessing myself and wondering what I said/did to mess it up. Possibly nothing. I’m sure the others interviewed were more experienced than I am. IT/Tech Support wasn’t my forte until the last 2-3 years.  I think I’m a well-rounded support person. Perhaps I wasn’t eloquent enough. Maybe I should’ve worn a suit instead of khakis.

No matter what, I hope they do keep me in mind if anything does open. Like I said, they are about the dreamiest job I’ve heard of in a long time.

At least I will fall back on school this fall if nothing happens this summer.