Rend Lake beach is disgusting. I’m not kidding.

We took a happy little family trip to South Sandusky beach over the weekend. Apparently, over time, I had forgotten how vile that beach is. The sand was littered with cigarette butts. Not just a few, they were everywhere. All you had to do was kick up a little sand, and POOF there they were.

The kids managed to coax me into the muddy water where we walked on sharp rocks and what felt like chunks of broken concrete. After a large dead bug and a discarded cigarette butt floated past, I decided I was done. Yuck.

We came home and everyone immediately showered. Our brand new suits where stained brown, and we reeked. I won’t be back. I’ll buy a membership to the rec club and take the kids swimming there.

I feel dirty just talking about it.