That’s all folks

Well, Friday was the last day and it was pretty much uneventful. We all came in, the nice HR lady said “Hey, you’re fired” (basically) and that was it.

Of course we were all offered the chance to do an exit interview if we wanted, but only one of the ladies did one. We were done by 9:30. Most everyone filtered out pretty quickly. There was surprisingly little crying. I would guess we were all prepared and ready for the end.

I went to an interview at 1PM in Belleville. I’ll remain vague on details until I get an offer or a “thanks for trying” email, but the company seems freaking awesome. Oh, and the job is something I could fall into easily. It would be tech support, but way less call volume than I’m used to at First Cellular/Alltel. Plus, the company seems fun to work for and has a great atmosphere.

The only drawback I can see is the pay. It is respectable entry-level pay, but the site is an hour from home. So gas and travel time play a big role in this consideration. I would really hate to pass up this opportunity since it is pretty much a dream job for me, but 11 hours (includes lunch hour and travel time) plus gas is a big hit. I SO wish they were based here in Mount Vernon.

Who knows, they may not even offer me the position.