Back to School at Rend Lake

Well, the first week was a rush of madness. Getting the kids around, dropping them off, getting my supplies and to class on time. We did make it through somehow, and this week things are settling in to a nice routine.

My OS class seems to be simple enough. Mostly learning about the ins and outs of Windoze. I’m sure I’ll learn something in there. Intro to computers is pretty simplistic, but it is required for the degree. An easy A if nothing else, I think. Communication 101 (speech) is just another one of the required courses. Being a little older, it isn’t that big of a deal this time around.

Networking Fundamentals. Wow. I don’t know what to say about that class other than it is my hardest one I believe. In our first chapter we had a crash course in Base10/2/0x conversions. That was interesting. I believe it could definitely scare off someone who was iffy about the class. The conversions aren’t really hard, and once you get them you want to slap your head and say “Duh.”

Fortunately, I did understand the formulas and was even able to help a girl understand who just didn’t quite catch on immediately. For my first test I scored perfect. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m just relieved and encouraged. Yes, I was a dork and threw my arms up in triumph when the page popped up and told me my score. Yep, that excited.

I hope things keep going so well. Wish me luck! (please)