Mid-Country Bank Robbed in Daylight

We received a message from a friend that police were buzzing around Mid-Country Bank. Naturally we assumed a robbery since there have been several in this area. We took a drive up there since it is so close to our home, and sure enough, it has been robbed according to a few sources who work and live nearby.

Initial Photo

At about 1:30PM on August 4th, Mid-Country Bank at 2929 Broadway was robbed. We have yet to receive any details at this time other than the obvious: Police are investigating. While I was taking photos, several local police and Illinois State Troopers could be seen walking around the outside of the building. They appeared to be taking notes, discussing, and looking around the scene.

All Closed

We will update when we have more information, but here are some photographs of the location shortly after the crime.

Wide View of Aftermath

Here is a wide view of the scene. It’s too large to show full-size, but you can see the larger version if you click on the photo, as with all of them.

Another View

View from Walgreen’s parking lot.

Officers discussing
Officers discussing the incident and gathering evidence.

UPDATE: We have an unconfirmed report that police have arrested a suspect. We will update when and if there is confirmation.

UPDATE_2: Apparently my source was mistaken, I cannot get confirmation that a suspect has been arrested in this case, and the Register-News is reporting nothing of the sort. I do find it odd that their story and mine have a LOT of similarities. I just find it odd that there is mention of a few things and how they are said that are strikingly similar.

Anywho, I did look at the R-N site and their capture from the bank footage. The guy looks strikingly similar to me (or me to him, take your pick). I mean really similar. I’m actually kind of afraid to be mistaken once the paper hits the racks tomorrow. I mean, he’s a large guy, fat face, dark eyes, wearing a cap (as I do often), and I usually just have on a t-shirt too. Creepy. (I forgot to mention the mustache too.)

The good news is that I was wearing a bright orange Jaycees shirt and my Southern Illinois Miners cap today. Whew.

As usual, I will update if I come across anything new.