Miners Game at Marion – July 25

Yes, I’m a little late posting about our experience in Marion, but I’ve been busy getting ready for school (yes, me and the kids).

We went to a Miners game on July 25, and it was awesome. I wouldn’t recommend taking little kids unless you want to spend a lot of time in the play area, but they had fun. Before the game, and during, there is a fun area with inflatable games for kids. There is a $5 flat charge for the kids to play, but it is well worth it to entertain them.

The experience is very fun with a light atmosphere. I don’t think there are any bad seats, and you can’t beat $8/ticket. We were barely up the first base line from home plate and near the top row. Amazingly, our seats were not far off the field and we could see and hear quite well.

Naturally Erich and Amaya did not want to sit in our seats and stay still, but Emily was nice enough to help me keep them entertained and take them over to the games about the third inning so I could enjoy the game.

There are a lot of activities between every inning, so the game lasted a solid 3 hours, but it was fun and worth every penny.

Here are a couple of photos of the kids….

Amaya at Miners Game

Amaya looking shocked for some reason.

Erich at Miners Game

Erich caught off guard.