Monday is Back-to-School Day for our household

The acquisition of First Cellular by Alltel Wireless was tough and put many people out of work, however it has also given some of us the chance to return to school. Luckily, I am one of those who is able to return to school and pursue a real education.

To the matter at hand – Monday will be the first day of school for Erich, Amaya, and myself. I don’t know if Amaya is more nervous about going the first time or if it’s dad returning with more  butterflies flittering about.

Tomorrow Em and I will take the kids to their “Open House” at the primary center. Hopefully Amaya will be full of wonder and excitement more so than being shy or nervous. She has the habit of getting nervous around strange people. It is a good trait and an iffy one. I’m betting once she meets some friends everything will be fine.

Erich is just fine. He’s ready to get right back into the school routine. He doesn’t seem to mind the schedule at all. I’m sure he’ll still be groggy when it comes time to wake up at 7 and get ready though.

We have the kids’ supplies ready to roll and in their backpacks, but still need to get gym shoes. It’s always nice when the kids feet decide to grow all of a sudden and they need shoes.

I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes.