Okay, R-N, who are you?

Wow, somebody at the Register-News likes me, or at least is curious about me. Someone on a Mac, using IE 5, has done a search for me on Google, and they were using the R-N’s internet connection [link removed].

To you, R-N person, I say “Hi!”

If you really want to know something about me, just ask. With this blog I have become more public with my life, and would love to hold a conversation. Email is fine, or just use the comments here.

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my stats, I’ll list some of them here because I have nothing else to fill up space.


Last month we had over 4800 page views with 1350 unique visitors. We are stalled at about 30 RSS subscribers. Windows XP is still the favorite OS among visitors, followed by Linux and Mac respectively.

For browsers, IE6 leads the pack. It is followed by Firefox and IE7. I would theorize comparing the number of XP users v IE7 users that a great number of users are not updating Windows as they should.

Please keep your system up to date with updates, antivirus, and a good firewall. It makes the Web safer for us all!