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Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-08-21

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Mount Vernon City Council Continues Aging City Artificially

Okay, we know that more and more Americans are “graying” as the last great population boom gets older. Good for them. Unfortunately, the Mount Vernon City Council sees fit to ignore residents’ pleas and destroy a neighborhood to gain possible monetary increases from a new old folks home.

For months that I have been following this story, residents of the proposed development area have been fighting in every way imaginable to stop this development from being approved. Frequent appearances at city council meetings, petitions, etc.

Now, seemingly as a snub to the very people they are supposed to represent, the council vastly passed 3 measures to allow this  destruction.

For the city, this could mean new income and more old people to drive our average age even higher. For the residents, this will mean heavier traffic, construction in their once peaceful neighborhood, and absolutely no positive outcome.

One comment in an article from the Register-News has Councilman David Wood saying, “… Mt. Vernon has been negative, at best neutral, to developers.” Can you blame them, Davey? Some slick guy comes in claiming to have a great plan to help and grow our town while destroying a neighborhood. How about we build this next to your house, Dave? Better yet, you go ahead and buy one of the homes in that area and tell us how great it is to live there once this development starts.

What happens when/if the old folks don’t buy the condos/apartments and the developer cuts losses? Do we get another remote ghetto? Sounds like a winner to me.

When/if the old folks do come, what do they do for our local economy? Buy breakfast at Denny’s? Yay! More support for minimum wage jobs. Oh no, they’ll go golfing. Okay, I’m sure that the caddy they use can support his family on that wage.

Mount Vernon’s age was tilted to the high side when the 2000 census was taken. I have no doubts that it is even more so now that we have GreenTree. Bad news for council: YOU CAN’T SUPPORT AN ECONOMY SIMPLY ON RETIRED-PERSON’S INCOME.

It just can’t be done that I have seen. Real employment and development needs to come our way, not more retirement villages alone.

I see nothing wrong with retirement homes/apartments/whatever. I do have a problem with city council ignoring the people they were elected to represent and trying to turn Mount Vernon into a retirement community.

People in this area drawn to criticism and negativity

I was looking at the most active local forums we have over at the R-N, and noticed something truly sad – negative articles seem to have all of the attention.

The most stark evidence I have noticed, the fact that got me off on this tangent, is that the local Walgreens DC is expanding and will be adding new employment. This article has ~3 replies. However anything that involves scandal, rumors, or personal attacks is flourishing with the attention of all attached to those boards.

What happened to no more than three months ago when everyone was clamoring that we need growth and expansion? I know this isn’t a new business, but it is growth in a positive way.

Guess this is just further proof that sensationalism sells. Heard a rumour? Great, we’d love to discuss that matter. Got good news? Blah.

Maybe I had it posted two days earlier, and the online group had already read about it. Maybe they just enjoy being negative.

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-08-17

  • Got a haircut. I have gray. I am sad. #

Monday is Back-to-School Day for our household

The acquisition of First Cellular by Alltel Wireless was tough and put many people out of work, however it has also given some of us the chance to return to school. Luckily, I am one of those who is able to return to school and pursue a real education.

To the matter at hand – Monday will be the first day of school for Erich, Amaya, and myself. I don’t know if Amaya is more nervous about going the first time or if it’s dad returning with more  butterflies flittering about.

Tomorrow Em and I will take the kids to their “Open House” at the primary center. Hopefully Amaya will be full of wonder and excitement more so than being shy or nervous. She has the habit of getting nervous around strange people. It is a good trait and an iffy one. I’m betting once she meets some friends everything will be fine.

Erich is just fine. He’s ready to get right back into the school routine. He doesn’t seem to mind the schedule at all. I’m sure he’ll still be groggy when it comes time to wake up at 7 and get ready though.

We have the kids’ supplies ready to roll and in their backpacks, but still need to get gym shoes. It’s always nice when the kids feet decide to grow all of a sudden and they need shoes.

I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes.