People in this area drawn to criticism and negativity

I was looking at the most active local forums we have over at the R-N, and noticed something truly sad – negative articles seem to have all of the attention.

The most stark evidence I have noticed, the fact that got me off on this tangent, is that the local Walgreens DC is expanding and will be adding new employment. This article has ~3 replies. However anything that involves scandal, rumors, or personal attacks is flourishing with the attention of all attached to those boards.

What happened to no more than three months ago when everyone was clamoring that we need growth and expansion? I know this isn’t a new business, but it is growth in a positive way.

Guess this is just further proof that sensationalism sells. Heard a rumour? Great, we’d love to discuss that matter. Got good news? Blah.

Maybe I had it posted two days earlier, and the online group had already read about it. Maybe they just enjoy being negative.