Walgreens Distribution Center to expand/upgrade in Mount Vernon

Details are a bit fuzzy at this point, however an anonymous source close to the local distribution center has confirmed that Walgreens will be expanding at their Mount Vernon location. A building permit was applied for by the company and there has been much buzz about this fact.

At this point, all that is known is that there will be new space built or added on that will include the addition of automated equipment to assist with the shipping of e-commerce and makeup supplies. The Mount Vernon DC is the only center in the country that ships makeup for Walgreens.

The new automated equipment will help actually bring items to employees to be “picked” and shipped to stores. While there will be new automated equipment in this addition, of course employees will be needed to run this part as well. New hiring has not been confirmed, but one could assume this will be the case.

We hope to have more details this afternoon, and we ask forgiveness if this is old news to anyone or everyone.

Update: Very little in the way of details, but here it is – The new construction and/or renovation in the Black Building is expected to cost ~$80 million. E-commerce and central pick will be transferred in 4 phases. Phase 1 will involve 100% of the e-commerce being moved and 20% of the central pick. The other 3 phases will finish the movement of central pick to this new area.

The higher level of automation will be accomplished by using technology from Kiva Systems. To be honest, the robots remind us of “Roombas”, only designed to move products instead of vacuuming a floor. Here is a video of the ‘bots in action at a Staples DC via FastCompany.com.