News – It’s everywhere and nowhere at once

Finally, someone has taken the time and their ability to define news as I feel it has evolved in the past 10 years.

News is no longer delivered by the paper or across the telegraph to all parts of the world. People don’t run out to get the daily fish-wrapper and see what is going on around town and the world.

Everyone has their news delivered in many ways. The Internet, radio, television, magazines, coffee at the donut shop, and even the good old newspaper. More often than not, what most consumers view as news is gathered by surfing the Internet for a few minutes, or at least it could be consumed easily in that way.

Personally, I have MySpace, a few forums, several RSS feeds, and a line of bookmarks in Firefox. Within 15 minutes of my day starting, I am up to the minute on anything that I want to know. A quick reading of my email, check RSS feeds for updates, glance at, and I’m ready to go.

Granted, reading some of the articles takes a few minutes, and responding to email takes a few more, but the idea is that I can quickly gather information about most of what I want/need to know very quickly.

I can only hope that newsprint and magazines realize this fact and keep fresh content not found elsewhere churning out as quickly as possible.