I miss Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it’s tomorrow. I don’t mean the day, I mean family getting together over at the patriarch’s house, more food than you can eat in a day, movies, board games, football on TV, and naps on that wonderful shag carpet.

Unfortunately, family has split and fragmented. No one actually cooks anymore. Ever since the grandmas passed, it just hasn’t been the same. Some tried to keep the tradition going for a few years, but it still faded like my memories.

Maybe it’s because we all have too busy lives. Maybe we’re happier apart. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a house large enough to have the “gatherings” at anymore.

Personally, I wish I had a house big enough to have everyone over and provide the room to spread out and socialize. Someday I will have that house. The big-enough one for the whole family. The kitchen so that we can cook the massive meal and not have to worry about running over each other as we scurry about baking pies and glazing the turkey.

Someday I’ll have it, and we’ll all have the Thanksgiving I remember. For now, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and hopefully I’ll get to see you in person!