Welcome, to the United States of KGB

I love our government. Well, I love the idea of our government. Unfortunately the dictator-regime in power has removed any semblance of that great idea.

As we speak, the government listens to phone calls, reads email, and tracks our web-movements – all without any kind of warrant. Now we have an intelligence (I use that term loosely) official publicly stating what was said in the “fiction” movie Enemy of the State.

He believes that privacy can no longer mean anonymity. Basically, you should let the government see/hear everything you do, and trust them to securely track that information. Don’t worry, America, your government is in control.

Yeah, the government has such a great history of doing a great job. What is the national debt up to these days? How many weapons were found in Iraq? Where is Osama? How slow was GW to act over 9/11? Has the CDC cured anything lately?

Yeah, trust the dictatorship America, they’ll do what’s best.