Archive: December, 2007

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-19

  • Rebuilding this box again. For some reason, I feel I’ve done this before… #
  • Tonight we rock the vote. #
  • Need chapstick. #
  • Making progress… #
  • Stupid Window$ permissions… #

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-18

  • Working 9 – 5… #
  • Charter has a nice special going on right now. #
  • Rebuilding computers is fun. No, really! #
  • Win2K takes too long to format. #
  • I wonder what the Cardinals are thinking with their moves of late. #
  • All day working on that reload and setup, and it borked. #
  • Very angry. #
  • Starting over… #

I’m an “A” Student!!!

It’s semi-official, I’m an A student.  I checked the RLC website, and my grades are posted. I did get one B, but the other grades pull it up to an A as well. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

All of my core courses are out of the way. The rest of my classes are IT-specific, so they are more what I am at ease with now. Psychology, Speech, Rhetoric and Composition, etc. were fine and I did well enough, but I’m much happier in my geek classes.

Cisco has given me my letters and certificates for CCNA 1 & 2. Now success is a matter of completing the rest and taking their certification exams. Maybe I’ll take the A+ exam this summer and get it out of the way.

I don’t know if any of my instructors read this, but thank you all.

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-14

  • Happy Birthday, DLK! #

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-11

  • Time for another exam. #
  • This has to be the longest train ever. #
  • One final to go. At least an A in 2, B in the other. Speech is the last on Thursday. #