RIP, Mr. Zen

My Zen MicroPhoto is officially dead to me. I have tried upgrading the firmware, doing a complete reformat/rescue using Creative’s software, to no avail.

The Zen was working fine until about two weeks ago. I pulled it out of my chest-pocket as usual, and the screen was dark. Assuming it wasn’t on, I pressed the power again. Then ever-so-faintly I noticed the “shutting down…” wording. Strange.

Up next, I charged it. I was nervous, but hoped a full charge would resuscitate my ailing player. The next day I checked, and it was still in the same position (dying).

I made my way through the menus squinting to check my settings and double-checking them. Everything was fine. I even tried changing themes just in case this was a horrible joke by the software. Nope.

As a last resort, I went to Creative and searched for any fixes or known bugs. There were none. Then, I used their recovery tool to reformat/reset my Zen. He came back up, but in just the same condition.

I wrote Creative’s customer care, but their response was to get an RMA and mail it in for repair with my dated receipt. Unfortunately, I am like most people and didn’t keep the receipt filed away in the cabinet just in case something happened to the player.  Frankly, I expected it to last a year at least with the little and gentle use I gave it.

So, today I have begun accepting donations for the “Dan’s MP3 Player Fund”. Please won’t you help?

No, I don’t really expect anything, but an MP3 player is a luxury, and one that I won’t be blowing my money on any time soon. So I figure I’ll ask for donations and see if I can get enough to at least get a cheap player.