District 80 is a business?

The Jaycees are having a Guitar Hero tournament March 1st for primarily kids. We have been planning and arranging this for a few weeks, and it has come together nicely.

We approached the school district about giving them a flier to send home with the kids so they and their parents are aware. This way the kids have something positive to do over the weekend instead of playing in the mud.

District 80 asked us this morning what the district was going to get from this distribution. Quite frankly, nothing. We are just trying to present something fun to do late on a Saturday. (Disclaimer: there is a $10 entry fee)

Upon learning that the district would not financially gain from this distribution, they declined to allow the distribution of our information.

I could understand if we were for-profit or stood to gain greatly from this venture, but we don’t. It’s not like we were asking for an endorsement nor advertisement in their newsletter. Just send this sheet, printed at our cost, home with the kids in their folder.

Every week there are several sheets sent home with my kids wanting money for something. Also, the school holds several funding projects every year that we are, of course, obliged to give money to and harass our friends and family.

Please bear the money-grubbing ways of District 80 in mind if you ever think about doing something positive for the kids to participate in and need to let them know about it.