The Great “Pudding Race”

Society today is having a race to pudding. I don’t know where it began, but that is where the world/our country is headed – to pudding.

Everyone is so afraid they will offend someone or cause a boo-boo to an ego that they won’t stand for what’s right.

Some kid shoots up a school? Shoot him back. “But he’s just a kid!” No, the moment he/she started killing, they became an adult. You wanna do grown up things, be prepared.

A girl has a baby at 16? Get to work. “But she can’t make it on her own!” She made a baby. Time to grow up and take care of the child. Same holds true for the sperm-donor.

Kid misbehaves horribly at school? Spank their bottom. “That’s beating.” No, that’s spanking. It’s been around for a few years. Just ask your parents and their parents.

Kid doesn’t pay attention? Try discipline. “But he/she has ADHD!” No, they’re a kid. They need to learn that there are times to pay attention and times for fun. Or put them on Ritalin, a drug in the same classification as Cocaine. Your call.

Smoking causes cancer? Quit going to places that allow smoking. “We’ll just force businesses to not allow smoking for the public well-being.” No, you’ll pass legislation that will put many small businesses under by decreeing laws to them and telling them what they can and cannot do because people are too stupid to stay away from smoke on their own.

No knives at school? “A student might stab another.” Um, yeah, they could do that with a pencil, pen, stick, or anything else that can be pointy or stick-like. Ever hear of a “shank”? Prisons are proof that if they want to do something they will find a way.

Soon, we will all be eating our vitamin-filled pudding with soft-rubber spoons. I mean, that seems to be the path we’re on today.

“But society…..” Blah, blah, blah. If society/TV/movies are to blame for our problems, then why don’t we have a crop of stand-up artists from the 80’s – 90’s sit-coms?

Wow, that was quite the little rant.