Are schools bribing kids to do the ISAT?

Recently I was made privy to the fact that at least JL Buford school is trying to raise money to buy “prizes” for a “raffle”. The trick in all of this is that the kids will be given “tickets” for the “raffle” based upon their participation in the ISAT.

I heard that Casey Jr. High is doing the same thing, but I didn’t see any letter from them.

So basically, funding is on the line thanks to “No Child Left Behind”, and the schools have resorted to bribing our children. This is truly a sad state of affairs for our school system.

How did we get here? I’m sure some will blame the NCLB act (teachers), and others will blame the educators (politicians). Personally, I would say it is a combination of those factors and us as parents.

We elected the politicians, we employ the teachers (indirectly), and we are the ultimate responsibility when it comes to the well-being and education of our kids. If little Jimmy isn’t keeping up with the rest of the class, help him. Talk to his teacher(s). Arrange tutoring. Whatever it takes!

Our children are our future. They will one day lead this country.

While I don’t approve of the outright bribery that local schools have resorted to, I do understand the pressure they are under to produce results or else. There are already no sports for our kids to play, what happens when more funding is cut?