Goodbye, 20’s

Wow. Tomorrow I’ll be 30. It’s not a huge deal like 50, 60, etc., but it is right now to me. When 40 rolls around it will surely be the turning-point of note. For now, 30 is the big one.

I’ve had a lot happen in the past decade. I came into my 20’s listless and just wandering through. Running around with the guys, and going to bars (didn’t drink until 21, but I was there at 20). Strange how rolling through life with no direction and driving my Escort seemed to be the most important things to happening from day to day.

That Escort was freedom. I could come and go as I pleased. Yeah, it was a $200 POS, but it was mine. I played designated driver, got pulled over for having a license plate light out, and even took a few girls out. One wound up being foolish enough to marry me.

My parents put up with my foolishness, and allowed me to have fun while reminding me to not do stupid crap.

21 was interesting. Em and I were dating at the time (again). I said something like “Hey, we probably won’t find anyone else we get along with as well. Wanna get married?” She said “Sure.”

After waking my best friend Jim up, borrowing $25 from him, and hurriedly filling out the paperwork – we ran up the stairs to the court room and got married. Strangely enough we have outlasted many couples that have come since.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had issues, and still do. Fortunately, we talk. Our first year we didn’t need to talk. Everything was all happy-go-lucky. Stupid honeymoon phase. Then we had Erich and the world changed. Several times we were ready to fail.

Finally we went to “marriage counseling” as a last effort. After a few sessions, we sat in the car talking. We decided that the “counselor” was full of shit. From that moment on we’ve been talking. I have to say that has got to be the secret to a marriage. At least in our case. Whatever works for you, great, but that’s what does it for us.

I’m not so good at the talking, but Em pokes and prods me along.

Somewhere in that mess or just after, Amaya was born. I was pursuing my EMT-I at the time and joked with the doctor that I’d like to deliver. He took me serious, and I actually caught Amaya. That was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Since then, she has kept us all entertained. I’ve watched Erich grow into a fine young man, and have great hope for his future.

Through all of this, I’ve survived the First Cellular buyout, going back to school (still there), and starting a new job to fill in the extra hours when I don’t have class.

There is absolutely no way I could have made it through my twenties without Emily. She is the one person that I can tell anything, and know she’ll tell me what she thinks. Other people might soften stuff or hold back. She tells me everything bare. I’m pretty sure that keeps me on my toes and helps me keep everything in perspective.

All in all, I was a wanderer, husband, father, almost divorcee, a father again, student, and many other titles. Personally I’m glad for all these experiences, good and bad. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

I hope my 30’s find me just as happy and with my family.