If We Book Him, will they come?

I just noticed that Eddie Izzard is coming to Louisville on April 17th. I wonder if they would add a date for Mount Vernon. I also wonder if he would play such a small venue.

The major question is would anyone from around here go see his act. Granted, the man is hilarious and has a show on Fox, but that doesn’t mean the uber-conservative southern Illinois crowd will come out.

Generally, if it isn’t someone who is world-famous and popular that second, there isn’t much of an audience. Unless, of course, it is some beer-swilling, IQ-dropping person or band. If they can drop the average person’s IQ by 10 points, then everyone is excited to pay anything to be in the audience.

I suppose I’ll contact his management and see what the booking fees are and what kind of demands Eddie has in his riders. Judging from his persona, I doubt there is the conceit that most people have, but you never know.

Off I go…