Linux isn’t out there enough, Now it’s PC-BSD

Everyone at school, and some in my regular life are impressed or curious when I tell them that I use Kubuntu as my only OS. The usual questions are about if I have to use the command-line (I do by choice some), can it surf the internet, does your family use it (they do), do you hate Windows (I don’t), etc.

Put simply, these questions are almost daily. Thankfully most everyone I come into regular contact with now knows and some have even asked questions about trying it out. I figure it would be cool if they try it and like it, but no big deal if they don’t. Windows was innovative and works for most of the populous.

Soon, I plan to embark on an even more “out there” mission. I’m going to try out PC-BSD on my laptop. Before you ask, here’s a link to a BSD site. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So as you can see, BSD is just another OS. However, in my opinion, it is something new to learn, and arguably more secure.

For some reason, I have this thing for learning. I have to keep learning or I get bored. I do love technology just for that reason. There are always new processes, updates, and assorted changes to keep me learning constantly. I do have some days where I get tired of it all and just need a break, but those are rare.

So, I’m going to try this obscure OS, try to tweak it and use it. Wish me luck, and I’ll try to keep you guys updated on how things are going.