New look, New WordPress

Yesterday I bit the bullet and manually upgraded WordPress to version 2.3.3. I also brought all of the plugins I’m using up to date, and changed the look of things.

The plugins and WordPress updates went without a hitch. Just unzipped the files, dropped them into place, and test to be sure everything works. Unfortunately, the new layout was/is not so easy.

I have most everything the way I want it, except for the categories. No matter what I do, they will not move. I’ve tried using an empty arrangement for the columns, adding the “Categories” widget, and looking at the sidebar.php code. I just can’t see where to change/adjust it.  The “sponsors” thin-column is the same way, but it locates at the bottom. I don’t care about it so much since it’s not in the way of prime real estate.

While I moved things around, I also added Google Ads. The design that I am using had them nicely incorporated, so I added them. I have had an account for awhile, but never could get them to sit right in my previous incarnations. I think they fit neatly with this one. If you guys think they’re ugly or annoying, let me know and I’ll take them out.

Take a few looks at the pages, click around, and let me know what you think. I know some of you don’t like to use the comments, so just email me as always. Thanks for you loyal readers of my ramblings!