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Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • Another fun day in computerland. Solving problems, discovering new ones, it’s never-ending. 🙂 #
  • Get to squeeze in mowing the yard after work and before the Jaycees meeting. Yay. #
  • Mowed. #

501 – Never thought I’d get this far…

I wrote my 500th post earlier and didn’t even know it. I was checking in to see how the site was holding up, and check for plugin updates. I looked up, and poof! 500 posts. This is a personal celebration of not stopping writing.

I don’t think these posts will ever be remembered as anything profound nor interesting, but at least I can look back and say I left my own little mark on the interwebs. Maybe the kids will look back at this some day and see their dad wasn’t always so boring. Or perhaps they’ll just be embarassed. Either way they will have some insight into my thoughts and life.

Thanks to all of you who get here by accident, those who watch quietly, and you few who comment.


Hopefully I’ll keep this thing going and get some stuff up here worthwhile.

Stats are looking good

I haven’t talked about them in awhile, but the stats on this site/blog are looking good. My RSS feed has skyrocketed in hits (up several thousand percent), pageviews are up several hundred percent, and unique visitors are slowly creeping up. For whatever it means, spiders are crawling my site much more regularly as well.

Feedburner shows a pretty good increase in my feed subscribers. Thanks to you guys, as I think that is a very good metric of who is keeping up with my content. For those of you who have us bookmarked, please subscribe to the RSS, and/or at least look into it.

In general, I just wanted to let anyone who cares know, and thank those of you coming by to read my ramblings.

The Friday Night Experience

Friday night, Em and I joined Kevin in recording a podcast. He has been doing very well in getting them out regularly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has improved quite a bit from the first recordings and is putting out better-sounding stuff all of the time.

Our input was very jagged for the first half hour, but we got better the second half. I personally think it was pretty good, but we need to get our audio levels worked out. Em sounds really loud, Kevin’s about right, and I’m too quiet.

My only warning is that this bit is not for kids. There are discussions and language that are not appropriate for children, or anyone who may be offended. It’s pretty raw to be honest. If you would like to listen, you have been warned.

For anyone concerned about the copyright, Kevin and I have agreed on joint-ownership. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning use of this audio. All of the other material on this site is licensed through the Creative Commons license found in the column of this site.

Dan’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-27

  • Great day for golf. #