It’s good that our Presidential candidates are down to earth…

Seeing the Clintons’ tax returns make me so angry. It’s not like we all don’t know they are millionaires, but damn.

People wonder why our government is so screwed up, and yet we keep electing these super-elite to make laws and decisions representing us. Does GWB, Hillary, Barack, McCain, hell – ANY politician care if you live or die? Nope.

They only care slightly how they can twist your demographic to dislike them less than the other person.

We wonder how our government wound up bankrupt and worthless, yet we have a monkey who can’t effectively speak as president, and a dying senior citizen as vice president. Oh, and don’t forget Karl Rove pulling the strings behind the curtain.

Next up we have McCain and Hillary/Barack. Wow, great choices there.

When was the last time one of them had a real life? I mean something like you and I have every day. Even a low-level executive position? Precisely.

I can’t wait for the second American Revolution. I really hope it is political rather than a war, but it has to happen. Our government is disgusting with the national debt impossible/unwilling to recover from, politicians who only care about staying in power to get richer, public that is too lazy to do ANYTHING to save this nation…

Wow, I’m fired-up about this subject.