Well, I just submitted my resume to Lockheed-Martin. They have several positions open at Scott-AFB, and I think I will fit in well with one of their entry-level positions. I meet the requirements except for database knowledge and a 4-year degree.

Fortunately, I feel that my personal experience, plus my first two semesters at RLC, plus learning on-the-job at EDG from Bernard make up for that requirement. Perhaps I am too optimistic, but supporting everyone out at USI’s campus has been like boot camp for IT support. Small gaps and smoothing of my knowledge has been accomplished by the CCNA program, WinXP Pro, PC Maintenance, and my other courses.

Heck, even my speech class will help in communication with users and everyone else I have contact with in my life/career.

My only concern is not being the best interviewee, should I get lucky enough to be offered an interview. I am not blessed with the ability to lie well. It’s a fault, and in an interview most people pitch tall lines of crap to get hired. I just answer as best I can and move on. Cut through the crap and give a straight answer.
Wish me luck kids, I really want a career, not another job.